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Chrysalis provides a variety of services such as our specialist Domestic Violence service OPOKA Bristol set up to support women and children from the Polish community, This is currently only delivered as a direct support initiative, we are looking to develop a number of other related services including a refuge and supported accommodation in the near future.

We also provide structured supported accommodation in a variety of settings where we provide support and psychotherapy to clients who require help in managing a life of total abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  Our services are very popular and in high demand and we only offer places to clients we feel are ready for this challenge.  Although our client's histories are complex and the recovery journey often complicated with the struggle toward meaning and purpose, our services show that we are very effective and this is demonstrated in our client's good outcomes.  Prospective clients will only normally be considered if they can demonstrate successful completion of both primary and secondary Residential Drug & Alcohol treatment, therefore we kindly ask potential referrals to consider both their suitability of a place and to consider that we usually have a long waiting list so this needs to be managed carefully in order to ensure services are available when most needed.

Chrysalis was formed originally in 2003 to provide specialist structured support in good quality accommodation. Since then our service has evolved, changed and adapted to meet the challenges within our sector and to respond more effectively to the needs of our service users.

Chrysalis now offers a number of specialist support programmes delivered within a framework of good quality Supported Accommodation. Chrysalis is a non-profit private registered provider of social housing register number 4751 and a member of the Housing Ombudsman and the National Housing Federation.

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Chrysalis Supported Association Limited is a charity with limited liability registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, with Exempt Charity Status. No: XR95728


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